Pinned: Squats: winning “Best 40K Unit” award @Bugeater 2012

At the 2012 Bugeater Tournament, this unit of unreleased 2nd edition Squat warriors and Berzerkers won the Best 40k Unit award. They are painted in the classic ‘eavy metal style of the era of their production. The photo captures the wonderful spirit of these delightful (and humorous) models that should have seen the light of day (or a general, if limited release).

These models are originals and acquired (at far too much expense) in the pre-recasting era.


Do note: the post is not pinned to the front page out of some sense of pride for winning the award, but rather because its such a delightful photo that epitomizes the middling hobbying spirit, that it should great all who come here until (and well after) such a time that attendees to this blog grow overtired or it.


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