WIP: Inquisitor 54mm Riot Control Vehicle (2012)

After early experiences playing Inquisitor (for the first time nearly a decade after the game’s release), with the gentlemen of Terrain Specialties, an acute, severe hobby-infectino was contracted that led to the production of many (and presently continuing) 54mm vehicle, terrain, and hobby projects to attempt to create the grimdark of the Warhammer universe at a scale nearly twice that of the normal, 28mm variety to which most middling wargamers are accustomed.

The below vehicle is a modestly converted children toy made in to a riot-control vehicle, or urban transport through the judicious addition of random toy bits, GW parts, and one “freshness” cap from a juice container. It is a little outsized for 54mm, but the Imperium builds big, so it works.

IMG_0403 IMG_0402

Here is a work-in-progres of the painted vehicle with test-weathering and some beginning detailing. As a hobbyist’s-note: toys of this sort often have plastic that absolutely detests taking paint, even strong primers. Already, you can see spots of black where additional primer has been re-added.



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