WIP: Squat counts-as “Storm Talon” gunships; converted from G.W. Dwarf Gyrocopters

The below converted models represent one of those rare occasions when models acquired are assembled, painted, and played within months of purchase. Whole games and armies have been known to wait years (and decades) to be done with. For example, only recently has any progress been made on the characterful cowboys from the Deadlands: Great Rail Was set (released in 1997, oww…)

These counts-as stormtalon’s for Warhammer 40,000 are converted from gyrocopters combined with bits from Ravenwing LandSpeeder parts, plastic rotor blades and the addition of squat pilots from GW and Bob Olley’s product lines.


A small amount of greenstuff and careful filing was required to join the missle-pods to the copter frame. The colors used are classic, Epic squat schemes, as this army is nothing if not varied and colorful! Hello Games Workshop in the 1990s….

Below is a before-protectant-coat-is-applied photo. The favorite is the blue and yellow, although any pilot who can drink and fly so well deserves some accolades as well.


IMG_2356 - Version 2

Earlier work in progress shots, before highlights (and pilots) were added. The pilots were painted separately and wedged in with brute strength.


Here we have assembly and conversion shots that reveal the grey-plastic superstructures:



3 responses to “WIP: Squat counts-as “Storm Talon” gunships; converted from G.W. Dwarf Gyrocopters

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