WIP: Cthulhu Models for Strange Aeons and A FistFul of Kung Fu

Sometimes a game leads to a purchase which leads to another game (which also must be purchased). This is how the middling end up going from A Fistful of Kung Fu to embracing Strange Aeons (and supporting their kickstarter). From kung fu to cthulhu, via paypal.

These Reaper Bones models were purchased during a furious period of realizing all of the many possibilites that the flexibility of Osprey’s A Fistful of Kung Fu allows – virtually any kind of model can form the foundation of a gang.

Naturally, a cthuhlu cult was in order – and only after did the thought of actually researching Lovecraftian horror skirmish games arise, and after middling-efforts at research, Strange Aeons was stumbled upon and more-than-one-use was found for these models. Anytime a model can be used in more than one system, or to more than a single purpose is both utilitarian and wunderbar!

The models: An eldritch demon


Deep ones and deep one champion (5 more deep ones have been painted since this photo was taken, for a total of 8 fish-rapists)


A shoggoth (who has an irritangingly large amount of eyes to paint)


Cultists: heroclix repaints of cultist-esque models


A cult sorcerer (or something): off of a reaper bathalian modelIMG_2092

A group shot:


An earlier work in progress shot after some middling-quality airbrushing.



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