WIP: Tau Battlesuit and Airbrush Scheme Origins, Secrets (and perhaps) Lies…

Who doesn’t have Tau? These are original release battlesuits finally being worked on a decade later, with an airbrush and quite a bit of edge-highligthing.

When playing with these models first in 3rd edition, when painting efforts were focused on eldar, it became accustomed to seeing the tau in the standard grey of the natural plastic – so when time came to paint the models (of which some were actually painted in the early 2000s, pre-airbrush), there was no other logical choice but than to paint the models a more nuanced grey! For completeness, it is also necessary to share that the army was intended to be used for urban combat, as Codex: Cityfight was in vogue at the time, and only a fool would suppose the pragmatic Tau would paint their forces in bright colors for an urban campaign! Narrative forged a decade before the term was coined…

Grey? Really? Still? Isn’t that too easy?

Don’t fret! It would not be a middling effort without making the grey scheme quite complicated and time consuming. The below battlesuit is airbrushed, directionally highlighted with 3+ shades of grey, then highlighted through 2-3 stages of grey-white edge highlights.



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