WIP: Terrain (Japanese Village)

Plastcraft games Japanese village terrain sets, ready for priming, early 2014. Based on mdf (or masonite?), with standard glue and sand. The plastic-card-esque material from Plasticraft come untextured for the most part, so many, many hours were spent scoring boards and wood-grain texture. Hopefully, this effort will showout after final highlight painting.

These pieces were originally acquired for the purposes of playing Osprey’s Ronin, with the aim of reviving AEG’s Clan War (Legends of the Five Rings) setting. Now with the impending Daisho game, as well as the realization that they can be used in In Her Majesty’s Name, Malifaux, and in Fistful of Kung Fu, makes their functionality (and desirability) increase many-fold.



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