W.I.P.: Strange Aeons Threshold Agents

The landslide that saw the leap from Osprey’s A Fistful of Kung Fu with the cthuhlhu themed gang (courtesy of Reaper’s Bones line) to Uncle Mike’s Strange Aeons narrative skirmish game. As a painted force of the bad-guys (or Lurkers as they are called in Strange Aeons) were already painted, forces for good were needed: occult investigators working for the U.S. government, called Threshold agents. Reaper metals came in handy here, as they can be found in local stores, are fair sculpts and not too pricey at about 5-7$ American each.

Below we can see three of the Threshold investigators in later stages of painting:  a private dick, an archaeologist and an occult investigator:


Here, we see the additions of the nun with gun, and a muckraker (who foolishly thinks he will snap a photo or two of an otherworldly monster).



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