Play!: A Fistful of Kung Fu First Game (Sep, 2014)

The first affair of with Osprey’s A Fistful of Kung Fu. Based on the Songs of Blades and Heroes system, it is a highly enjoyable system – with rules that mirror the content of the martial arts or wuxia film.  There is extreme, open flexibility in the force and models you can use to create your ‘gangs’, and in this first playtest the force’s models were provided from disparate sources and allowed for a quick and easy game set-up and narrative.

Gameplay, once rules were better grasped grew more speedy, and future replays showed promise of being a quick-play set with ample dynamism as your hero (the protagonist) could prove to be quite survivable if played with tactical acumen.


We have martial artists here – and only a lone pre-painted Heroclix model.  Models were a mix of Hasslefree miniatures and NorthStar models from the AFoKF  model line. The Chinese Lion statues are from Bushido line, with 80% certainty. IMG_2452 IMG_2451 IMG_2450

Their opponents were genetically modified gorillas and zombies from FFG’s/Battlefront’s  Dust Tactics/Warfare line.


The martial artists performed middling, and they were promptly trounced by the gorillas and zombies


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