W.I.P: Victorian-esque Terrain (Victorian Sci-Fi, SteamPunk Buildings for Trans-Historical Skirmishes)

Weathering (with shades and washes of the Secret Weapon and Games Workshop variety) has begun on the  multi-purpose “Victorian” buildings for prospective Victorian Sci-fi, Steampunk and Cthulhu skirmish gaming (most likely of the Con-game variety, as few players have been found in these parts).

We have three of the buildings here (again with model train scenic origins); the first is an eventual wave of everal others in less-than-middling-and-interesting-to-photograph-stages in the Victorian-esque terrain queue. A Lemax “cobblestone” mat system is in earlier stages to provide period-esque flooring for up to a 3’x4′ cityscape, with plans for an additional 1″ of city slums and docks, and a 2′ x 2′ cemetery and garden. The ultimate goal is to provide at least one building per “faction” of the Victorian setting (e.g. Chinese Tongs, Constabulary (Bobbies and Inspectors), Anarchists, Criminals and Thugs, Secret Societies, Cthuhlu Cults, etc.) as well as additional thematic buildings to provide scenario and gaming possibilities.

There exists also a secret desire to produce enough of this terrain to undertake Victorian zombie survival gaming – as more than 100 ‘period-less’ zombies are already in production for just such purposes. And, yet, we find ourselves digressing. Back to task!

The buildings are mounted on mdf (or masonite) cut to shape and scored with less-than-middling skill with the help of a dremel. The hope is the painting and weathering will hide the imperfections.

Here we have a “workers” building that we will feature on the Brick Lane section of the board, and house (perennial favorite faction), the Anarchists (which will be played by the Brick Lane Commune figures from NorthStar for the In Her Majesty’s Name game).


Below is a higher-society, civic-type building (for the powerful and snobby) that will serve as home-based for the aristocratic and elite-ish cults.


And, lastly, we have a front and rear shot of the constabulary station (complete with bars). Naturally, the forces of order (and the tools of the capitalists and aristocrats) will call this well-reinforced building home.

IMG_2526 IMG_2523


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