Play!: Necromunda: or, Squat Miners invade the underhive

Initiative and good fortune yielded not only one battle set in the grimdark universe of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000, but a second also in the under-hive, in the skirmish game Necromunda. A group of fellow hivegangers reside and play in the local vicinity, so the call to more (simulated) conflict!, on the skirmish scale, over the coming months.


But what gang to unleash in the sump and in the spire? As the last games of Necromunda that were played occurred during the prior millennium, and for the Middling’s fondness of the Homo Sapiens Rotundus, the gang to be developed for play (and the campaign), is a band of Squat Miners, using the experimental rules published in Fanatic or Necromunda magazine (such remains another mystery)


Above you can see early work in progress shots of the squat miners – an astute collecter of stunties will observe models from Bob Olley’s Scrunts line, Fantastic Miniatures space dwarves (sculpted by Bob Olley), several hard to find Rogue Trader-era GW squat models, and an OOP Ratling sniper, who will be a hired gun for the gang.

On to the Play! of the thing… Below are some additional shots of the practice game played with the Squat Miners ( using proxy rules as a normal Necromunda gang), in a “Gang Fight” (scenario) with the always fair-minded and non-dogmatic Redemptionist Crusade as adversaries bent on flaming the poor, fat abhumans to a crispy death–which, of course, they did!

IMG_2559IMG_2556IMG_2561 IMG_2564 IMG_2562IMG_2563


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