Apes, Apes, Apes! …for A Fistful of Kung Fu, Dust Warfare, or Pulp ‘ventures

It’s not unheard for the longstanding hobbyist to find that the models they bought for one system years (even decades) earlier, left to their own devices to collect dust and externalized guilt, resurface and become useful in another system in the present, whereby they are finally painted and gifted some utility and life on the tabletop.

After quite an impressive launch and appearance at the 2012 Adepticon, Dust Warfare, for a variety of reasons, essentially, fumbled its momentum and is now a product line suffering a long drawn-out death. After being largely unsupported, switching distributors and being forgotten amidst the launch of Warhammer 40,000 6th edition, Dust Warfare has limped along while leaving a very fun ruleset and loads of models in the Middling’s collection, awaiting the (inevitable) resurgence of this game once Al Qaeda, Paolo Parente, capitalism, the grey aliens, or whomever are finally defeated allowing for its rightful re-ascension.


Osprey’s rules

In the quagmire of enthusiasm for A Fistful of Kung Fu that was also known as February 2014, as the Middling scrambled and searched out models to make gangs, a set of marginally painted apes from the hoary days of Dust enthusiasm were re-discovered, and soon after re-branded into a force of “uplifted” or genetically-enhanced cyber-apes. These models were painted last spring, but not photographed until after this blog was launched in November.

Below we have a wide shot of the whole gorilla gang intended for Osprey’s A Fistful of Kung Fu, including models from Dust Studios as well as Reaper, Rackham, and Heroclix.


These three models which were not produced for Dust Warfare represent the models unique to the AFOKF force, as they were purchased specifically to supplement the already possessed Dust gorillas:


The protagonist and leader of the ape gang is a repaint of a Rackham AT-43 Karman model (thanks to Ted P. for the suggested model). The Middling is especially proud of the contrast of the albino skin and hair, which aside from his esoteric-al jump pack sets him apart from the hairy-knuckled rabble.


The force’s Bruiser (the toughest “extra” in AFoKF)  is the very recognizable Ape-X from the Reaper Bones line with the gatling attachment cut-off and replaced by the bomb arm of an extra Dust Bluetkruz Zombie.


The forces philosopher, tactician (and simian thespian) is a Heroclix re-paint. He is skinnier than his brethren but scales well with the other apes, and his smaller stature and frame sets him apart as a thinking-man-ape’s ape.  IMG_2658

Last we have ten Dust Bluetkruez apes to play as cyber-ape extras, including the hard to find Markuz model,and  one albino ape (not shown) who is the brother of the albino protagonist of the force.



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