Strange Aeons: First Batch of Lurkers and Threshold Agents, complete and ready for Conflict!

The Middling has been hard at work with, well, actual work (that pays all-the-less the than middling bills), but still there has been time to produce still more hobby product (and with somewhat improved photography as well!) One goal that has been achieved, you see, was to endeavor to build out and complete a new skirmish game system (or force, or both) once per month, with the aim to increase the potentialities and varieties of possible conflicts to be waged upon the tabletop. October’s goal was Strange Aeons, and it was completed on time. However, it took until early November to get photos and this posting, well, posted.

Strange Aeons (produced by Uncle Mike’s Worldwide), which has just completed its 2nd edition kickstarter, is a narrative skirmish system set in the H.P. Lovecraftian Cthuhlu mythos. It allows for linked-narratively-inspired battles pitting the forces of humanity  and reason against those of inhumanity and insanity (how’s that for parallelism?). Both forces, Threshold Operatives and Lurkers, were modelled and painted to provide a full gameplay experience possibility, as few locals know of, or yet play this game.

Below, we have the Threshold agents, imbued by executive order and charged with keeping the forces of darkness and eldritch-ness, or on the other side of the threshold between reality and madness.


All are Reaper metal models, with the exception of the Heroclix repaint of Kingpin (recognizable by Marvel fans everywhere). He is less likely to be a investigator and more likely an underworld figure for prospective adventures of that variety (as mafia goons are in the works, along with other “period” or setting characters and extras: civilians, police, innocent bystanders, harlots, drunkards, and so on…)

The Lurkers, who attempt to cross that proverbial threshhold and cause all sorts of mayhem and property destruction, are a much more varied bunch, who the Lurker’s player can change up between scenarios, depending on the strength of the Threshold operatives force.. Here we have a wide shot of all the present mythos monsters and cultists.


Most of these lurkers are not 100% “finished”, but rather brought up to table-top standard, based, and readied for play; too many other projects in the queue and too many potential lurker models urged a speed over fine-highlight ethos for this game system. Moving on to unit features, below we have generic cultists or henchmen (HeroClix re-paints):


Another Heroclix re-paint to represent a deranged lunatic, a class of baddie of the middling variety. This :


Reaper bones models work here as deep ones, a middling-favorite-mythos-monster:

IMG_2753 IMG_2750

Another Reaper Bones (bathalian master), below,  to serve as a cthulhu highpriest or sorcerer, along with his cultist aids in matching purple robes (two more ‘clix repaints):

IMG_2730 IMG_2728

A speedily-painted hell hound in red (Reaper):


A Reaper Bones Shoggoth model, with too many eyes to paint without going insane… IMG_2717

However, the formless thing (also from Reaper) has even more madness-inducing eyes to paint! ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn… Excuse me, what were you saying? Back to order.


And last we have a ‘Bones Eldritch Thing to represent the pinnacle of monstrosity for the Lurker forces. He is a characterful (and cheap model), scaled just large enough to invoke terror (and not fit well in any normal figure case).


With both the forces of Lurkers and Threshhold completed (to a Middling standard), attentions have turned to creating terrain and scenery that suits the roaring 1920-30’s vibe of Strange Aeons  (Warhammer 40k bastions and wall of matyrs set just don’t seem to fit in with the suit, hat, and tommy-gun aesthetic of Lovecraft).

But more on that in the future….


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