WIP: Squat (counts-as) Knight Titan (Early) Work-in-Progress (in Blue, Mostly)

The Middling can seldom go long without working on most beloved Squats, in some form, scale, or other. Why? For some inexplicable deep, complex, mysterious reason that will remain unknown to humanity until the end of the universe (or, simply, because there is such a long queue that the cries of injustice from so many unfinished, unpainted space dwarves refuse to be ignored for long). One of the joys of collecting and working on a defunct product line like the Squats is getting to create your own models, as the Middling’s efforts on converting gyrocopters demonstrate, or, less-time-consuming-ly, in collecting third-party inspired space dwarf models (such as Bob Olley’s Scrunts or Mantic’s Warpath Forgefathers). This latest project is just such a third-party joy (and labor).


What is this here, yes, upon that table of glass,  indeed it’s a Muradin: Great Mechanical Dwarf Titan (from ResinLabModels in Spain). When assembled it looks something like this, as featured in the company’s photo below:


Assembly (after washing in diluted soap and a middling amount of flashing and filing) was quite straightforward and brief,  save for one problem: the model was missing a finger digit!

IMG_2504Was this Muradin perhaps a member of the Yakuza, punished for some failure to his Oyobun? Or, merely was it the victim of questionable international packing and shipping practices? No one will ever know… although the finger-tip did turn up in a second inspection of the bag – and it has been glued back on, and seems unnoticeable presently.

Since assembly and priming, work has begun on the model, and the word on the tip of every Squat painter in the Middling’s home is: blue. At this stage the model has been given several coats of GW’s defunct Enchanted Blue paint, with a deep blue “recess-wash” of current GW blue shade  that was painted  directly into, well, the recesses, to create shadows. Presently, the model is stuck in the cleaning-up-brushwork-with-enchanted-blue-phase before next painting on the yellow basecoat for the trim, followed after by highlighting of the blue,  and then the yellow, and then on to metal work, details and so forth, such that you can be certain, will be ongoing in to 2015!




Ultimately, the Muradin’s color scheme will closely resemble the classic Blue/Yellow scheme popularized in the Epic Squat line of the late ’90s. The Middling’s squats dabble with all of the old schemes, creating a colorful, confusing (possibly nauseating) color pallet for the stunties forces. Below we see the finished Gyrocopter (painted for the Celesticon game’s event this past summer), a good indicator of the what the Muradin will resemble come completion.

IMG_2356 - Version 2

As the title indicates, this Muradin is intended to function as a counts-as Imperial Knight. It’s the Middling’s hypothesis that the designer of the Muradin intended it to scale with the available knights at the time of its manufacture and release (the GreyKnight Dreadknight and Riptide). It is well in line with them, though if you look to the two images below to show the relative scale of the Muradin to the Imperial Knight by using a Riptide as a translation scale, you can see that Muradin is somewhat shorter. The photos have been scaled so that the Riptide is about the same size in both.

securedownload-5IMG_2808 - Version 5


After taking measurements of a comrade’s Knight Titan and the Middling’s own assembled Muradin, there was found to be between a 1.35-1.75″ height differential between an upright Knight and the squat counts-as applicant (depending on certain percuiliarities of measurement and modeling for both models). With the Muradin’s arm spread wide he matches the Knight’s shoulder plate width almost exactly. While Squats might build their titan a bit, well, squatter, for the sake of no complaints of “modeling for advantage,” should the Middling ever take the finished model to a less-friendly and more competitive tournament, much thought has gone in to how to gain those extra necessary inches to keep the models in scale.

It was determined to compensate for the 1+” different by building up a taller than expected scenic base, the specifics of which remain unknown. Some  middling ideas thus far considered have been rocks, fallen castle or city walls, something stone henge-like, destroyed city buildings,  a wrecked landraider, rhino, or other such vehicles, and a dead Tyranid monstrous creature (never waste an opportunity to take revenge on the devourers of the Squat homeworlds). Given that the model might well be used in 54mm scale, as a Squat dreadnaught in games of Inquisitor, any basing would need to omit anything that would commit the model only to 28mm scale (such as a landraider or rhino). Basing possibilities remain in the brainstorming phase, and the Middling is open, always, to suggestions!

Expect an update in the not so middling-distanced future…

And while it’s not strictly related, the below graphic showing relative model scales is quite informative and could be of use to many hobbyists, someone perhaps just like you! 

590748_sm-Size comparison


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