WIP!: Or SIP!, 54mm Squats(-in-Progress) for Inquisitor(ial Purposes)

A grand (yet middling) aim of this hobbyist is the capability to field a sizable contingent of squats at 54mm –for games of Inquisitor and perhaps 54mm Necromunda, Kill Team, and even possibly small points 2nd edition 40k at 54mm. In the queue are nearly 15 odd potential squats in the 54mm scale, including Gunnar, those featured in this post, and others not yet documented on the blog.


The aim with all  is to, as best as possible, capture both a suitably Inquisitor-esque grimdark quality while also keeping the models in line with the first and second edition Warhammer 40,000 visions of space dwarves. To that end, one aim is to keep the squats aesthetically consistent while also producing models that scale (as closely as possible) with their physiological features: short height and wide stature. This is not easy to achieve as looking right and being the correct (short) height are not always compatible. Overall, these squats are probably 10-15% too tall, but that is acceptable given the first (aesthetic) goal. Below can be found individual squats-in-progress with brief explanations of their conversion process:


A squat mercenary simply converted from of a Scibor Monstrous Miniatures Otto Von Biggsmark, a 28mm sci-fi ogre. Since this photo was taken, he’s been given a chainsword, one scaled appropriately to the squat’s stature. All of the Scibor models have been made shorter by cutting down the legs and feet length. His muttonchops were filled in to make a full beard.


A squat mercenary leader, made from another Scibor sci-fi ogre, Mannfred Von Leffhoven. He was left, basically, intact with a little leg shaving to reduce height as much as the model would allow. His pistol will swapped out for something suitably grimdark from the Inquisitor bits line -possibly a plasma pistol? or, a laser pistol?


A squat mercenary made from a Scibor 54mm Dwarf Sniper. If you view the original, you will notice that it and the original have very small faces and noses, which seemed inappropriate to keep the model in scale with other 54mm squats. He has had some bits added, as well some basic conversion work on the sniper rifle to make it more futuristic.

IMG_1753 - Version 2

Another squat mercenary made from another small-faced 54mm Scibor Dwarf, Barburkir von Kiloff. He has been given a bigger nose, fuller beard, and the beginnings of a power hammer/mace. He needs some extra bits of something but what might that be.


A Squat cyber-berzerker, an homage to the unreleased 2nd Edition model, kit bashed from Scibor’s Alcomatir Barrel Slayer and a face-cut out from a Tehnolog Dwarf . His bottom half was cut-down to reduce his height, his feet replaced, a converted chain axe fixed across his back, and greenstuff mohawk, hair and bionics have been added – though more work needs to be done to clean the lower body and bionics.


A squat Hearthguard in power (or carapace armor) in the early stages of conversion from a Scibor 54mm Dwarf Lord. The small nose and beard have been enhanced, the hammer is being given ‘power’, and he will have a storm bolter mounted to his right arm taken from the Warhammer 40,000 Deathwing LandSpeeder kit. The eyebrows were a failed experiment which have since been removed. Potential additions include cabling for both armor and power-hammer.


A squat-ogryn mule, converted from a 28mm Sci-fi Ogre. Why a half-breed? He’s big!  In looking at the original, he looked ideal for a squat, however, he is much too large, as he exceeds most human Inquisitor models. He’s squat-like, but big, so the character background is either that he is a genetic throwback to his human roots, or is potentially the offspring of an awkward pairing. His jaw was too big, so it was cut down and covered in a large beard, then given a mohawk. His bolter/pistol has been converted from the grip of the original gun, a 28mm Imperial Guard autocannon clip, and a Space Marine heavy bolter from the attack bike sprue. His mohawk will be bulked up, texturized, and finished.


A (crazed) Squat mercenary explosives specialist, made from a 28mm Ogre Santa Bear Eater. Beyond the ubiquitous beard, his teeth were filed down, his santa cap has been converted in to a fur-lined helmet, he’s been given a wide belt from which will hang a great many grenades. The torn-apart teddy bear in his hands will be converted in to a bomb (his right hand) and a grenade (his left hand).  If enough grenades are available/produced, perhaps they will line the inside of his coat as well! 


A characterful squat hearthguard model made from a 72mm resin dwarf model (company forgotten). He’s been given a hand-flamer from a 40k chaos rhino flamer, Devotee Malicant’s pistols (which will be greenstuffed over to hide the redemptionist crusade fire designs). His axe was moved to his back and his pose was made to lean back. It’s interesting to note that even though they were listed as 72mm, these dwarves were the size or smaller than the 54mm Scibor models, so the scale is consistent with subtle variation that would occur in genetic populations.


A squat Warlord in exo-armour converted from a Mantic Forgefather’s Iron Ancestor. He’s still very much in-progress; he was given  a Tehnolog dwarf head (the beard will need further greenstuff work), , Warhammer Fantasy dwarf bits, a converted bionic arm with in-progress hammer, a wooden shield and robotic hands. His horns will be replaced, as well as the symbol on his chest. Much work to go on this model still.

A Squat Living Ancestor (or venerable hearthguard advisor to the warlord),  converted from another 72mm dwarf. His right shield arm has been replaced and is in the process of being built up to carry a force blade. He has been given a plasma gun/pistol in his other hand (converted from a 28mm plasma cannon), which will require cabling and minor conversion work. This is not an ideal Living Ancestor model, as they really should be more old and decrepit-seeming (although in 2nd Edition 40k, the Living Ancestor was the strongest Hand-to-Hand combatant). It’s been pondered to make one from scratch or heavily convert from an ogre model, but that requires more than middling sculpting skills.

A few more squats are in the process of being built, were not handy for photography, or no work-in-progress photo existed for them.



3 responses to “WIP!: Or SIP!, 54mm Squats(-in-Progress) for Inquisitor(ial Purposes)

  1. Awesome stuff!
    Always nice to see some Squat support.
    Im really liking the mech suit ones, using the mantic dreadnoughts was a very clever move.
    I was looking to get some of the models myself,
    how do the tehnolog dwarfs look next to the micro arts studio 70mm dwarfs?
    the one with the monster head and the one with hammer and shield?
    A comparison shot would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks, Joel R

    • Sorry, been away from the blog for a bit as I’ve been without a decent photo/lighting set-up after the move. I can try and grab a photo with comparison for you soon. Glad you enjoy, the 54mm squats are a labor of love.

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