WIP: Mining, Construction, or Hazardous-Specimen-Retrieval Vehicle for Inquisitor (54mm)

Amongst other projects, the Middling has been having a wee-bit of distracting hobby fun doing minor conversions, priming and beginning early painting on a very large vehicle toy to be used as a scenery item or scenario feature for 54mm games of Inquisitor. Aspirations abound: use the model in a convention game of Inquisitor at Dundracon in February, or Kublacon in May, perhaps?

The vehicle is based on the BIg Boots Yeti Kit, and bought for a (relative) song. When the kit was observed at a big-box store, it was quickly recognized for its 54mm sci-fi, grimdark potential. It was a simple matter: wait for the kit to go on clearance. It did, for what amounted to about half the cost of a GW rhino or chimera kit –and it’s pre-assembled!. Gaming-wise it will make for a nice Inquisition or rogue-trader transport, or a nice line-of-sight blocking terrain piece. Careful observers will not that it looks like it’s got room for cage on the back, to which the Middling replies: “There is a cage in progress too!” (from a 54mm pirate kit bought at Toys-R-Us.

Stage one consisted of soaking the model in soapy water to remove the decals. This worked reasonably well, though the model still retains impossible to remove glue ‘bits’; these will (hopefully) be hidden by battle-damage and weathering. Next came gluing the model’s many weird parts and ‘interactive-kid-bits’ in place, and finally some small plasticard bits to make a sheet metal decking on the top of the vehicle for models to stand on during play. It was then primed in black, both from the can and the airbrush.


Given it’s size, and large areas, hazard stripes were created by priming two shades of yellow for depth, then covering with low-stick tape. The stripes were placed around the vehicle in appropriate “safety-conscious” locations, areas where people might enter/exit the vehicle.


Following the yellow, stripes of tape were added, and then the areas were airbrushed in black, followed by grey-black, to add some depth. After left to dry, the tape was removed and the model looks like such:


Because of the odd angle of the bulldozer, there was some black leak, but that is alirght–it will form the basis for damage and paint-chipping. Excuse the glare from the daylight, the Sun does what it wants!

Bringing us up to current, the last step achieved was an airbrush coat of Vallejo satin applied to the hazard stripe areas. Upcoming, more tape cut will be cut to size by an exacto, in the shape of the desired stripes, and will be applied over the black-yellow areas. Then pre-shade and basecoats will be sprayed on, effectively hiding the stripes. Only after all other painting is applied (in the distant hobbying future), then the taped off hazard stripe sections will see the light of day. Patience will be the watchword until then, as the Middling finds it hard to not strip the tape off too early…


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