Finished: More Martial Artists for A Fistful of Kung Fu, Because Can You Ever Have Enough? Probably, But Not Yet.

From beneath a mountain of grading and emails of frustrated college students, the Middling emerges to share deplorable quality photos of a trio of recently finished martial artists for a recent skirmish favorite, A Fistful of Kung Fu. Below we have a group shot, which most closely mirrors the look of the models in real life (though still washes out many of the subtleties of hi-light). IMG_3011 Here we have a reverse shot of the gang. The new lighting set-up was foiled when the addition of a third light was met with an original lamps expired daylight bulb. IMG_3016 The first, a fat happy monk, perhaps from the Bushido product line that embodies my present frustration in dealing with orange. IMG_3044 Perhaps someday there will be a better photo of this tub of enlightenment, but not this day — or post. IMG_3047 You can really get the sense of his corpulence from this rear photo. What is true for man is true for miniature. Eventually, this outsized fellow will be the, ahem, ‘heavy’ for a gang of Shaolin monks. IMG_3043Next we have a model that was not held in the highest esteem, middling at best, but is now perhaps amongst my favorite in the my growing martial arts troupe. The models is a NorthStar AFoKF “martial arts fanatic”, a muay thai fighter based perhaps off Ong-Bak? IMG_3027 These photos are especially washed out, as I tried a new technique with the skin and really blended for smooth transitions — but alas we lack the technology (an excuse)! IMG_3030 Last we have a Hasslefree Miniatures Japanese inspired martial artist (of a particular name lost to age and decrepitude), who was given a quicker, more extreme paint treatment that really looks like dreck under in-adequate lighting (more excuses!): IMG_3020 Jeez, that really is a poor quality photo. Aspiring for mediocrity would be to ask too much!IMG_3021 Perhaps, whence better light is procured, a group photo of all of the present martial artists will be taken and posted.


2 responses to “Finished: More Martial Artists for A Fistful of Kung Fu, Because Can You Ever Have Enough? Probably, But Not Yet.

  1. Stop wahcking on yourself. The paint jobs are great. It’s interesting to compare the different style of figure and paint jobs. The lighting might not be the best; but your painting AND posting…that’s leaps and bounds ahead of most of us.

    • Thank you for the kind words and compliments. I will go easier on myself, it’s just a bit frustrating when your model looks great but you cannot get a decent photo of it, but glad some of the quality is coming across. AFoKF – and the various skirmish games I’m painting stuff for – have been a good opportunity to experiment (and paint more speedily). It’s so nice not to have to paint the 100-200 models needed for a full scale wargame sometimes. Each model is its own unit so allow myself to do them to varying qualities and techniques, something that would look weird on a unit of powerarmour-ed models.

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