Finished: Strange Aeons Worms and an Exorcist painted in a single evening

In defiance of the still wounded third lamp in my lighting scheme, more pictures! Here we have some additions to the middling but growing collection of Strange Aeons’ models. These are Reaper Bones giant worm models that are large enough to double as sewer monsters of chaos creatures for games of 54mm Inquisitor as well.


Two of these models were Bones unpainted models, while the third was a pre-paint (in a weird deep purple and grey). A new scheme was in order, and one that would allow the model to double as a possible creature of chaos for Inquisitor or other grimdark settings. Below we have a close up the teeth and mouth. Some of the detail is washed out, but these models are painted more for speed and play than display. IMG_2990 Here we have a side shot that shows off some of the shading and highlighting. These models were airbrushed in a few stages of Miniataire sickly flesh colors, details painted on by brush, then sealed with Vallejo gloss coat, and then a wash of Secret Weapon miniatures “Sewer water” was liberally applied to give it that sick appearance. IMG_2988 On a whim, and as a joyful affront to the more pressing hobby queue, the below model was plucked from slate of primed models (as the Middling batch primes for efficiency!). He is a RAFM “Call of Cthulhu” Priest/Exorcist. The line is a little smaller scale than the Reaper Threshold agents, but with their integral bases adding some height they scale well enough. Of all the terrible photos, this is the worst, as it washes out any subtlety, but you get the general idea. 


Note his odd “stepped” based. All the RAFM models come with an integral base that looked to be not worth the effort of removing (and possibly damaging the models).

IMG_3001 Bad photos aside, I am most pleased with his base, which was my first attempt at “painting on” stone where it was just flat otherwise. Pleased enough, in fact, to use it as the technique for painting the stonework on a Victorian era church in progress. Below we have a rear shot, where I got a bit sloppy with the white highlights. IMG_2998This model was to be painted in one night, so it was not permitted to go back and touch it up before sealing the model. I often leave models very nearly finished for years at a time, so taking one to completion in an evening was a more than middling personal accomplishment.

There are plenty more models in the Strange Aeon’s queue, especially for Threshold agents, to add some variety. So more will appear in the (distant-ish) future. 


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