WIP: A Rainy, Saturday Night Spent At Terrain

Between end of term grading and a winter storm, documentation of hobby progress has been delayed and deferred. Combined with the MIddling’s penchant for working on dozens of projects at once, little formal documentation of recent progress can be offered at present, beyond a few still-life-with-hobbyist-like updates. In a boonful twist of fate, the ladyfriend retreated from our abode on a recent, rain-soaked Saturday night, and I turned the living room table into a work station filled with current, ongoing terrain projects. The scene of carnage is documented in the photograph below:

IMG_3061Above we can see a healthy variety of terrain for various settings, including: a farm house (nearly complete, save for final chimney stone highlights); a barn and cabin, also for western locales (featured on this blog in earlier states), 6 urban Victorian-esque (buildings with carved street stones from MDF) growing ever closer to completion (three of these also featured on this blog, with a future post in the works to show more recent progress in detail); a rural church to be mounted on a grass/flocked MDF board; 3-4 sheds (of Plasticville “hobo village” fame) mounted on shaped and sanded MDF board; a set of four Heroscape plastic ruined walls with a surprising amount of detail, finished and waiting for the local moisture to subside so they can be spray-coated and flocked; in the bottom left corner we can see in-progress tree base stands and an array of plastic, toy brick wall corners, which have been painted over and weathered to nice but simple effect.

How much was completed in the night alone? Not near enough, but some, and progress, no matter if middling or great, is still progress none-the-less. Expect more detailed reports and closer photographs in the near future.


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