WIP: Squat Knight Titan… A base of unusual size, dimension, and character

Progress on the Squat Knight has been slow and steady, between the myriad other projects. All the while the conundrum of how to add a precious few inches to the Muradin model (documented in this earlier post) have haunted the mind’s eye of this hobbyist: stones, castle walls, a wrecked vehicle, suspension by rods and pulleys? Too many options, but none seemed right or interesting.

A few years back the Middling went a wee-bit Russian alternative crazy, purchasing a variety of Tehnolog models: 54mm Inquisitor possibilities, 28mm vehicles, and terrain  bits. They were, all by comparison to American and British alternatives, very, very cheap. In one of those purchases, there was included a  random castle ruin, not enough to make a full ruin set and somewhat odd in style, sorta “evil cartoon” in theme. It always reminded me of something that Chaos-tainted squats might build. In the furor of brainstorming peculiar and particular possible bases options for the over-short knight, I was reminded of this weird ruins bit from Tehnlog and new it might just be the piece needed to add some heft and height to the model.


A official oversized knight base was acquired through the eeeee-bay and the ruins was glued in place. To provide the appearance of a ruined floor overtaken with dirt and foliage, Greenstuff was stamped with a rubber celtic stamp and various grades of sand were fixed in position by superglue. Normally, white PVA glue would be a cheaper alternative, but with a rare break in the storming weather to prime, speed of drying was a necessity and superglue has a much quicker drying time.

IMG_3060 IMG_3059

A brown primer was used to provide a good, strong foundation for both earth and the various tones of rock and metal.
IMG_3072 - Version 2Above, we can see a fairly washed-out painted version of the wall, pre-flocking and with Squat Knight raised (via an errant toilet paper roll) to about the height of the model when he will be affixed to the wall (via metal rods), and poised as if leaping from atop the ruins towards a waiting enemy. When measured together, the Knight and terrain base, will put this guy to at or above both the dimensions of the official GW Imperial Knight model. Competitive players will have little to complain about vis-a-vis this model.

The walls were painted in GW paints: Baneblade Brown, followed by a Karak Stone, Terminatus Stone drybrush, washed with various Secret weapon washes. The iron in Leadbelcher, drybrushed in Ironbreaker, washed in Nuln Oil, then provided a rusted appearance with a custom made wash. The new GW technicals rust is much too bright, for what the effect desired here. As the Middling’s squat army is painted in the class, vibrancy of the 2nd edition Squat style, the base here needs to blend with the knight while not overpowering it. Was the effect achieved? It’s hard to tell at this point, but seems about right for this stage.

Further progress shots on the squat knight itself will be inbound in late 2014, early 2015, but the highlighting of all that blue, yellow and red takes up quite a bit of time, and such slow variations make for difficult documentation, and less than dramatic updates.


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