WIP: a Warband of Treasure-mad Dwarves Destined for the Doomed City of Mordheim

Recent endeavors into the underhives of Necromunda have reignited a desire for other Games Workshop’s old Specialist-brand skirmish games, most especially something with a little fantasy flair to offset the grimdarkness of the 41st millenia’s ghettos. Mordheim, the handsome, little step-sibling (that required a 1/1000 of the models painted) of GW’s *original* flagship Warhammer Fantasy Battle, was one of the few GW games that the Middling ever had a force painted for before playing a game. The old gang of Reiklanders may one day be featured on the blog, but being almost 15 years old now,  a new force would be called for…


As the Middling grows older, and his propensity and capacity for holding grudges flowers, his affinity and fondness for dwarves grows in corollary. A force of fat, bearded, surly, greedy, stubborn, scowling, fat-lipped, pugnacious, world-weary, xenophobic, irascible, entitled (enough, already), dwarves  would make an excellent revisit to the game. Above, we see the full gang of the mix of old metal dwarves as well as plastics provided from the 6th edition box set, the Battle for Skull Pass. In trying to create a suitably Mordheim-ish feel to the force, I’ve opted for an odd assortment of models from Engineers and gun crews, slayers, miners, some warriors, and (more) lightly armored warriors (dwarves, by and large, wear lots of armor, so figures are hard to find without it entirely). The official Dwarf Treasure Hunter, aside from its rarity and cost on the secondhand market was of middling quality at best, so finding alternative GW models made sense.

IMG_2629In a closer shot we see the very early stages of painting, first base of flesh and shadow, then beards, weapons and armor, to start to get a feel for each model and how they will resemble and stand apart from the other models. Most of this is will be achieved by varying color of beards, while mixing and matching various colors and textures of clothing. Some of The Battle for Skull Pass models are a bit too similar, as they are designed to be fielded in units, so extra care needs to be taken to distinguish them via paint, if at all possible.  Being too lazy (or enthusiastic!) to do much conversion work before leaping into painting, some later stage revisions might be undertaken, including replacing some of the cannon “plungers” (any historians or cannoneers know what these are called?) with torch flames or something or other. Who knows…

The bases for the models are stonework plasticard glued with plastic cement to some random Mantic zombie bases. The metal models will be based on them as well, but after they are painted. For some reason, I find stone work so very hard to get to look right, so holding off on these until a suitable technique is arrived at will be the order of the day.


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