Pulp Alley: A New Addition to the Conflict Repertoire

After a recent weekend spent at playing skirmish games at Endgame in Oakland, CA, a new game, Pulp Alley found its way into the Middlings collection of skirmish rulesets. After hearing about it for some time, as its rumored to be quite a multivarious ruleset — having been used for its intended hardboiled, pulp adventures, as well as myriad of other settings–Joss Whedon’s Firefly and even Games Workshop’s Inquisitor (albeit in the lesser 28mm)– it seemed like something worth looking in to. That the ruleset is purported to be written by a father and his teenage daughter only lends it more mystique – for how many other rulesets can claim the same origin…


This is one of the more characrterful (and inexpensive) purchases made of late, as it is printed as a comic book — an apt medium considering the pulp inspiration for the game.  Once Pulp Alley is explored and evaluated, the game might make it in to the potential gaming rotation. The Middling’s collection already has a burgeoning crew of models suited to the 1920s-30s (painted up for Strange Aeons), as well as suitable terrain and bits, a transition into pulp gaming might be none too difficult.


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