Terrain! A Rare Sunny Day of Gloss Coat Protection and Priming

A rare break in the Northern California fog and general wintry dreariness (by standards of the West-est Coast, of course), prompted–or forced– a rapid initiative to get to some priming and bulk spray coat protecting of various terrain


Above we have 8 Lemax “cobblestone” vinyl mats (recognizable from Christmas displays everywhere) about to undergo a priming, for eventual use for Victorian Sci-Fi, Steam Punk and Pulp boards. Below we have a closer shot. The mats come pre ‘colored’, but a more realistic, dirty, and weathered look is desired, so painting and other techniques will eventually be employed. The hope was to have these completed for Dundracon in February, but we might have to settle for Table War/Frontline Gaming’s FAT Mats cobblestone board. Poor us.


Below, many long-running projects of scatter terrain and WIP woods based on MDF are here getting a coat of Testors’ protectant (to better survive the conflicts on the Middlings tabletops).

IMG_3312 - Version 2

In the below close-up we can see various barrels (from Acheson Creations), barrels and crates out of dental plaster, Acheson walls, and some toy kit barrels. The woods are based on mdf cut and sanded to shape.


Better lit close-ups of various objects and scatter terrain will be appear in the near future.

Updates of late have been slowed, as expected, by holiday travails and adventures. The below view can be blamed for at  least a week’s lost of hobby possibility.

Here is to a productive and enjoyable Hobby 2015 continuing… IMG_3297


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