WIP: Asian Village, Progress on Terrain Wave the First (near completion)

After many months of dallying and avoiding finishing off some Plastcraft terrain pieces of the Japanese variety, after a weekend spent at furious drybrushing and shading, and another fortuitous sunny day for spray protecting, wave the first of this setting has been brought to near completion. The Middling expects to get much usage out of this terrain as it will be useful for Ronin, Clan War (L5R), Daisho (well, any medieval Japanese setting), as well as Pulp Alley, In Her Majesty’s Name, and A Fistful of Kung Fu, of course.

Only application of flocking and grasswork basically remain. Below we see a wide-shot of the 8 medieval Japanese buildings:


All of the terrain is from Fukei – Kensei terrain from Plastcraft games, 3 Fukei buildings and 5 village dwellings. There are one each of buildings that have been released for the product line. Subsequent terrain projects include the massive Pagoda and Kurawa walls and gates, which are in various stages of assembly, priming and painting.

IMG_3329A downside of the Plastcraft lines (which are otherwise delightful and inexpensive) is that you need to produce your own texture on the wood or surfaces – which took hours upon hours of time with metal tools and a ruler to achieve some amount of natural appearance and texture.  The techniques employed in painting these models were airbrushing (for the walls) and traditional brush and drybrushing techniques (for the wood and ground effects).


I recommend the Plastcraft models, both for the quality and price, but in this closer shot you can see the wood grain somewhat, via shadows and highlights. Consider that all brown areas on the models needed intricate, time-consuming texturing. That is quite a bit of time and effort to make the wood appear more wood-like, but it adds some dimension to otherwise flat features. Well worth it, for the Middling’s conflicts. I imagine that many players hobbyists wouldn’t find the slight benefit worthwhile.

These models will make an appearance at Dundracon, in the A Fistful of Kung Fu events, that run on Friday, February 13th at 1PM and 6PM in San Ramon, CA.


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