Inquisitor (54mm) Shadowy Robed Cultists for Local Heretical Mischief

One of the joys of the (sadly) discontinued Specialist Games Workshop game, Inquisitor, was (or,  rather, is for those of that still play) was that the game is set in places beyond the grimdark battlefield – the cities, outposts, shadows and. As an Inquisitor gamemaster you are always on the lookout for non-combatants, low level flunkies, civilians, or “extras” to fill different locations or provide unexpected threats or problems (we can’t always have our inquisitorial warbands fighting greater demons, can we?). These “Hooded Monk” models, in pewter, were purchased some time back from Irregular Miniatures 54mm Medievals line. Shipping from the UK was not cheap, but each figure was very inexpensive.

Hooded Monk on the left.

There are 8 in total (Khorne’s “number” for the initiated), and they were painted with a airbrush and subtle washing, followed by simple skin techniques. They stand at about 54mm in height, but a bit small in stature compared to some of the more robust Inquisitor figures, but that is just fine–we wouldn’t want them stealing the spotlight from the heroes. They are “extras” or low-level henchmen baddies, so they need not be perfect or complicated, but remain characterful. They are simple and versatile and can play the part of cultists, Imperial monks, or pilgrims, genestealer cult members, celebrities, or whatever segment of Imperial society doesn’t want to be seen galavanting about the hive city.


These shadowy fellows might just be making an appearance at the Middling’s Dundracon event on Saturday night, Feb 14, in San Ramon, CA. They don’t look dangerous to you do they? They are simple, pious, (perhaps corrupted?) men.


Oft times in-game they will be led in their heresy by this sinister (and red) fellow:


Astute (and geeky) observers will recognize this figure as a (poorly greenstuffed) Emperor Palpatine.



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