WIP: Sundry Models for Dundracon Preparations – Spoilers and Really Only a Lone Photo

With less than three week’s until Dundracon, the Middling is hard at work on a great variety of hobby projects aimed to make the games run at Dundracon all the more aesthetically and ludic-aly enjoyable for both player and gamemaster. Astute readers of the blog will have noticed some recent terrain, but as the date approaches industry shifts from props and sets to casting. With running three events (A Fistful of Kung Fu, Strange Aeons and GW’s Inquisitor in 54mm) and each with multiple forces and terrain to paint, it’s impossible to focus and the hobbying must allow for much breadth.


Each event at Dundracon 2015 will contain multiple scenarios and terrain setups as well as unique forces for most the maps. For A Fistful of Kung Fu, three different terrain boards and six different gangs will be required (Cyber Apes, Nazi Zombies, Martial Artists, Tong Members, Cthulhu monsters, and Shaolin Monks). For Strange Aeons, three different terrain settings are needed and two groups of threshold agents will be in play, along with a bevy of different mythos monsters (thankfully mostly painted or painted enough). GW’s Inquisitor (in 54mm!) requires at least two settings (at a whole different terrain scale), and will also require both an Inquisitorial warband (the good guys), several sets of bad guys (for each scenario), and any extras or non-combatants (to populate the scenarios).IMG_3360

Above, we see a recent photo from the weekend of sundry Dundracon projects including eight Shaolin monks and a couple of tong members with muskets for a A Fistful of Kung Fu. In the bottom right corner, we have two more agents, a tommy-gun- wielding heavy and a bookish professor to bolster Threshold for Strange Aeons. For Inquisitor, towering over the other models at 54+mm, is Inquisitor Heliox, the hero of the Inquisitorial forces, converted from a Scibor Monstrous Miniatures 54mm fantasy figure.

Sadly, these models do not represent ALL of the models that await the Middling’s brush over the next 17 days… but what is a deadline if not inspiring of heroic endeavor?


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