WIP/SIP: Further Progress on the Squat Knight Titan (NOW With More Than Just Blue!)

As furious hobby preparation  for Dundracon continues unabated (and as yet undocumented), relatively up-to-date shots of the Middling’s slow-advancing Squat knight titan continues. Below we can see that bases of red and yellow trim have been added, and painted on in painstakingly thin coats, to try and build a smooth core layer. From the last post, the blue has been shaded/shadowed and the base color restored. Blue highlights will come later. A gold base and shadows have been added, as well as some metallics have been detailed in. IMG_2816   The next stage (below) was careful washing/shadowing of the yellow and red trim, and then the first stages of building highlights onto the yellow (it will go through several further steps/shades). To avoid an ultimately overly-cartoony look (we’re going for GW in the 90s, not Nickelodeon) to the finished model, creating rich, complex yellow reds and blues will be the order. We want to avoid flatness and accentuate highlight and shadow. Some highlights on the red beard and hair have been added, though there will be several more stages. The hammer has been painted in gold and washed to add grit. Whether this choice will stand remains to be seen. IMG_2932 And below we see a photo of the knight with the custom base built for it to add size and heft to the model, to have it take up the same size and scale as the official knight titan model. When the models are fully completed and protected, the knight will fixed atop of the wall, ready to pounce down on enemies of the Squat stronghold. IMG_3072 - Version 2   More progress on this slow-going project to come after Dundracon in mid-February.


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