Play!: Strange Aeons Campaign, Ep. 2: “Monster Attack!”(2 of 3)

After barely proving out in their first encounter with the forces of Lurkers, the Threshold agents are back in second scenario of the Middling’s day-long campaign of Strange Aeons, a cthulhu mythos based skirmish game, against Ian C.. You can read the first battle-report here.

The second scenario (of three played) was a “Monster Attack” scenario, which (again) expectedly featured a monster…attacking…people types…eh? In the photo below, from left to right we have: Sister Peter Marie, gun-toting nun (a civilian), Father ??? <replacement, for losing Father Seamus in the first scenario>, Exorcist (a civilian), H. Webly Miner, an occult investigator (and the only character), Drake Jackson, Private Dick (an agent), reporter Walcott Johnson (a civilian), and Armitage Powers, adventurer (an agent).


Threshold agents are sent in to deal with a lurker threat, which can change from scenario to scenario, and increases in points value as the Threshold agents increase in skills, equipment, spells, hiring special agents, etc.


For this scenario the Lurkers (controlled by the Middling again) consisted of a lone monster (…ya know, to attack), a Formless Thing, who was given the “heroic” trait which allows him a free extra action.


For the “Monster Attack” scenario, we decided that the Threshold got such a beating in the first scenario that they would be resting and recuperating from their wounds in a cabin at a remote estate — only to be set upon by a more serious mythos threat than mere cultists–a horror-inducing monster, with psuedpods that it can shoot out and ensnare unwary threshold agents!

Below we can see the scenarios terrain, a lone road running up to a wooded cabin:


The monster deploys first. Then Threshold follows, sensing the threat, they pour out of the cabin to meet the horrific monster in the open:


The formless thing advances quickly using its special ability to take an extra action… it wants to feed –and fast!


Threshold bravely advances on the monster (also to get their short-ranged pistols into range…)IMG_3235

The slow formless thing continues to advance but is unable to get his tentacles within the range necessary to ensnare an unwitting operative.


Sister Peter Marie advances as the other operatives open fire – but their bullets are barely strong enough to even pucker the monster’s flesh (a roll of 6 needed to hurt it – and the formless thing with armor and four wounds)IMG_3240

The formless thing shoots its pseudopods out again – and misses! The agents and Threshold leader advance, forming a gunline and continueing to pour .45 and .22 pistol fire into the monster, with no effect.  IMG_3241

…until a (lucky) shot from steel-eyed Drake Jackson, PI go through and wounded the monster.   IMG_3244

Enraged from the wound, it finally shoots out a tentacle and successfully ensnares report, Walcott Johnson and drags him kicking and screaming into its maw….


…and knocking the civilian unconscious (face-down).


And yet! A worse fate befalls adventurer Armitage Powers, who is gobbled up in its maw – sustaining a major injury (and removal from the field).


The sight of their comrades suffering such horrific fates provoked two very different responses from the onlookers: Private Dick Drake Jackson’s resolve broke and he fled from the horrific sight, while heroically, H. Webly Miner charged forward, his buck knife at the ready, looking to go to melee to dispatch the monster at close quarters.


The combat was fierce, but the occult investigator slipped between tentacles to stab the Thing for another wound. IMG_3251

The bravery of his leader (and a successful recovery) provoked Drake Jackson to find his own courage and join the fray….IMG_3253

…but perhaps his original instinct was sound, as the monster quick sends him to the hospital with an injury. Perhaps he should have kept running!


Still, Miner continues to find chinks in the monster’s armor, wounding it again. IMG_3255

…and better still for Threshold, with some help from his friend, Walcott Johnson is able to use the monster’s distraction to allow him to recover and rejoin the fray.


…Which is the last advantage Threshold needs to put a fourth, and final, wound on the Formless Thing (well, that and some increasingly fortuitous dice rolls). As it quivered in its deathrows, Threshold proved out again, but not without their own casualties and injuries.


Ian C. victorius again, and this time with fewer casualties to his Threshold operatives, proudly displays his game-themed attire. While this battle was less dynamic from the first, such a powerful Lurker as a Formless Thing presented challenges for Threshold, whose weak ranged weapons forced them to close and engage the monster on its own terms, where they stood a greater (if still small) chance to hurt it, but also the greatest danger.


[Return for the third and culminating installment of the Strange Aeon’s scenario, just as soon as it is written, assembled, and posted…]


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