Inquisitor (54mm): Kroot Mercenary Brothers in 54mm Scale, For Hire (Or Just to Have Over for a Non-Vegetarian Dinner)

With the cancellation of the Middling’s Dundracon events, including an Inquisitor game, there are a few models that will not get to see the light of day AND have not been featured at all on Middling Wars. While my new hobby progress is slowed down a bit for relocating and course correction (in life), looking to the progress-ed collection will keep the blog active. Here, in this post, we take at look at 2 of the 4 kroot models in the collection: a pair of mercenary brothers.

IMG_1107 IMG_1106

They were painted in bright blues and reds to provide a little xenos color to the grimdark. In Inquisitor there are few opportunities for vibrant colors — as its a dark millennium after all– so you gotta take your chances to do so when you can.  The models were only slightly converted (with greenstuff and limb manipulation) to give different poses and appearance. Individual Kroot are a fairly indistinct, so more drastic conversions were not really called for.  Below are a few older shots, in poorer light.

IMG_1043 IMG_1042

Here we have a late work-in-progress shot of the kroot before final details, based, and such were completed and painted. Eventually the modes were rebased using greenstuff with sand and “rubbage” shoved into it to create texture. A desert yellow base, I think, complements and does not overpower the blue kroot skin.


These kroot are very large models in 54mm scale, as they are supposed to be 7′-8′ in height. You can see a shot below of the Kroot model next to a few other 54mm scaled models, with a classic GW Inquisitor 54mm model on the far left. Loss or error of scale in Warhammer 40k, which is not (so much) a problem in this game, is one of the small  joys of Inquisitor in 54mm.


Astute observers may notice that the two models in the middle are zombies. At some point in the future, we may yet see a post on the Middling’s 54mm zombie projects.


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