Play! Strange Aeons Campaign, Ep. 3: “The Artifacts” (3 of 3)

It was no simple matter of surviving the monster attack and horrifying Formless Thing sent by the forces of the cthuhlu mythos to harass the reeling Threshold agents. But after dispatching the monstrosity, the Threshold agents are on the offensive in the third and final scenario of the Middling’s day-long campaign of Strange Aeons, a narrative cthulhu mythos-based skirmish game. You can read the first after-action report here and the second report here.

The third scenario (of three played) was a “Retrieve the Artifacts” scenario, which (once more) expectedly featured a search and retrieval of artifacts (which consisted of returning them to their own player’s table edge). In the photo of the Threshold operative below, from left to right we have: Sister Peter Marie,  gun-toting nun (a civilian), Father <cough>, exorcist (a civilian), H. Webly Miner, an occult investigator (and the only character), Drake Jackson, Private Dick (an agent), reporter Walcott Johnson (a civilian), and Armitage Powers, adventurer (an agent). IMG_3230 Once again, as the Threshold agents increase in skills, equipment, spells, hiring special agents, etc, so does their BP (Build Point) value, so the points that Lurkers have to select their forces increase. For this scenario the Lurkers consisted of mixed force of cultists, cult leader, and a furious fishman (a favorite, and readily identifiable monster of the cthulhu mythos). You should now come to expect a birds-eye view of the forest ruins battlefield. The large temple is riddled with cthulhu iconography, and the artifacts are represented by the brown wood boxes. IMG_3261 The Lurker forces deploy… IMG_3262 While Threshold arrives in their reliable Model-T. IMG_3263 The Lurker’s cultist leader and cultist advance to retrieve one of the artifacts, to steal it away to safety. Meanwhile the dangerous Fishman skulks forward to begin his hunt of the human operatives. IMG_3265   As Threshold advances towards the center artifact… IMG_3268 …the Lurkers continue their absconding with the artifact. IMG_3267 But unbenownst to the operatives, skulking behind a tree…. IMG_3269 ….is the Fishman. IMG_3270 Adventurously, adventurer Armitage Powers leaps forward at the dangerous fishman… IMG_3271 Only to find out what a fierce adversary beings of fish make with sabre-like claws, as Armitage is felled in one blow, suffering a Major Injury. IMG_3272   Meanwhile, unaware to the carnage behind him, H. Webly Miner, occult investigator keeps to task, advancing on the secret artifact. IMG_3274 The Lurker’s have secured one crate, and begin to ready for the counter attack, to keep Threshhold from gaining a second (or third) artifact. IMG_3275   And Father Whats-his-name-now throws himself foolhardly charges the Fishman… IMG_3277 ….to be knocked out cold by a backhand from the man-fish. IMG_3278 Now with a taste for (non-fish)man flesh, the Fishman advances on Walcott Johnson…IMG_3279 … and sends the reporter to the hospital, too. Threshold seems allergic to fish!IMG_3280 Across the battlefield, a gunbattle breaks out between H. Webly Miner and a cultist. The Threshold leader misses, and in the Lurker’s return fire, a bullet impacts with Miner, and… IMG_3281 ….and the camera ran out of space for pictures. Ooops. Basically, after this point things went from bad to really bad to really bad, as their leader was taken out of action by shooting, the artifacts fell into the Lurker’s hand, and the Fishman continued his hungry rampage through the Threshold ranks, gleefully taken revenge for the American sushi obsession that would grip America five decades after this battle took place (Strange Aeons is set in the 1930s, naturally) After two *brutal-esque* defeats, the Lurkers finally pulled one out, and the world got a little bit more evil…


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