WIP: A City for the Undead…Because, Have You Seen the Rents for the Living Around Here?

Hobby progress has not quite stalled amidst the Middling’s change of residence, venue, and city, it has merely taken on different forms and with different goals. Without a proper living (and hobby-ing) space, yours truly has turned to projects that fit the current lifestyle better than meticulous, intricate careful painting of models and units, to getting more basic hobby work done: terrain!

What better way to breed irony into housing limbo than to create a whole (model) town  full of houses, apartments, places of business and entertainment, while being unsure of your residence and locale! It has been a slow-coming goal to be able to play regular games of zombies at 28mm. Having already built a full horde of zombies and a bevy of survivors at 54mm scale, it made perfect sense to now build a town at 28mm. Sound logic, eh?


Above we can see (not all) but most of the O-scale Plasticville and K-line model train terrain that will work as buildings in the town. There are about 60+ modern-esque Heroclix zombies urban-based already, and 100+ plastic G.W. and Wargames Factory zombies flashed and ready for priming.


I sprayed the buildings with my favorite Krylon primer that usually adheres to plastic well, but in this it did not (as seen above). Using model train buildings (in O-scale for 28mm) is a common re-purpose for zombie and post-apocalyptic gaming, with plentiful examples around the internet. While not original, these will be mine own, and I will stand on the shoulders of giants, and make my own middling-quality modern city/zombie setting. Another visit to the hardware department, and now with paint for plastics, the models are covered better:


The coverage is smooth, if splotchy while drying, but (hopefully), will not rub off easily. Terrain always requires good, strong priming. These buildings will join four Dust Tactics tenement buildings already underway.


After getting satisfactory coats with the spraypaint-for-plastics, I used an off-white primer to add directional highlights and uneven “blotching” to the walls, so that when I set the airbrush to it, there were be color moderation built in, with highlights and shadows to boot. Black was left in the recesses, naturally, and all of this effort should make the paitning and basecoating all the easier. Crudely, a base coat, some highlighting with directional and spot airbrushing, and then some drybrushing, some weathering, and the models will be ready to lacquer. After protection, then the models will get some oil washes and weathering powders, but often that comes at a later time… as the models are playable before that point.


Above, most of the models, drying (more are unassembled). Now…. to find a suitable, temporary place to set up the airbrush and get to putting some colors on….


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