WIP: The Middling Continues His Moving Whilst Building the Very Near Future Housing that Alludes Him

The great relocation project of 2015 (as opposed to the great-er re-location project of 2014) is still underway, as The Middling has reached the stage of moving in to the new digs, but still awaiting delivery of larger, comfy-esque furniture items. Soon the hobby space will be completed and new miniatures of the lead, pewter and plastic varieties will be revisited. Until that time, the ironic terrain building projects continue for this displaced tenant, in building and priming ample quantities of stable housing for miniatures, while lacking that very thing in the 1:1 scale (i.e. reality).

This entry is the beginnings of a near future setting for cyberpunk and low-tech sci-fi (or higher-tech sci-fi planet settings from the grimdark perspective of Warhammer 40,000). The models are Plastcraft Designed for Infinity product line, and having already worked with and enjoyed their European and Japanese Medieval building kits, as well as their Western offerings, these clean-lined sci-fi buildings were a logical choice to try. They should comeinto use for Shadowrun-themed miniatures games, in combination with more modern buildings  (Shadowrun being an all-time favorite RPG with loads of 25mm minis waiting in the wings). They will, obviously work well for Infinity (should this ever join the gaming queue) and mixed with Western buildings, could be used for the eventual Firefly/Serenity miniature games. These kits are quite modular, allowing to be used independently or combined into fewer (or even one or two large buildings) as the scenario may require.

Four different kits were acquired at reduced cost (to their already small price-tag). 6 of the above kit, curved modular building, were acquired and will work as low-income tenements. Additional card doorways will need to be added to provide more LOS blocking, but that is not strictly necessary at present.

Above we have a  basic, small, square building, which works well as a standalone building or a second or third floor to be added to the larger rectangular bulding below. Two of these models were purchased to work with the two larger kits shown below.

The third and largest kits (above) can be stacked to make a taller building or used independently. They have a decent footprint and offer needed line of sight blocking. The windows and doors are all removable, as is the room, so there is potential to play with the interiors of these buildings as well.

Last, the fourth building type, of which only a lone model was purchased, works well as building by itself, but also the two-part balcony segment can be removed and attached to any of the other buildings, creating more terrain modularity. IMG_3410

Above we can see the kits all assembled and stored, ready for painting. The models took some time to put together, but probably less time that their MDF equivalents (as the glue dries/sets faster), and given that there is more advanced textures and lining on these kits, they took much less time and effort than the other Plastcraft terrain kits which required wood and other texturing.


The models were first primed with Krylon flat black (which Plastcraft material does not like nearly as much as a the gloss or satin). In the future, I will avoid the flat for priming PlastCraft in the future, as it just doesn’t cling to the models and create as flat a surface as the gloss/semi-gloss.

. IMG_3413

Next, directional spraying of a white primer was used to provide a foundation of shadows and highlights, when the terrain is base-coated via airbrush in the distant future it will have natural tonal variation. IMG_3416 IMG_3417

With this move being such a boon for the building and priming of terrain projects, that particular branch of the hobby queue has now grown loooooong. Until the airbrush finds its permanent home, it’s likely that these primed pieces will have a long wait ahead of them until they are removed from their plastic tub to get some more paint on them.


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