Inquisitor: A 54mm Classic, the Chaos Sorcerer, (Or, One of the Few Bad Guys GW Produced )

Games Workshop’s Inquisitor (in original 54mm) offered a wonderful, characterful, but not quite “robust” product line. Beyond a few mutants, a Tau noncombatant, a few odd conversion kits for genestealer and chaos cultists, there were only a handful of antagonist models ever created explicitly for the game. Plenty of shadowy, questionable, or morally corrupt models, but few outright baddies. There was the purestrain genestealer (which has been featured briefly before on Middling Wars) and the chaos sorcerer, this guy featured here. Of course, clever and industrious Inquisitor 54mm players found ways to make their own antagonists out of other available GW models and third party miniatures).

Given that the continued moving process has prevented much new painting, it seemed prudent to feature another Inquisitor model that was painted expeditiously sometime back for a weekend long multi-system campaign (Battlefleet Gothic, Warhammer 40,000, and Inquisitor 54mm, amongst others). Naturally, this guy featured as the main bad-guy, who if I recall, transformed into a minor Khorne demon for the climactic battle, where he was finally cut in twain by a Dark Angel space marine.

IMG_1109 - Version 2

Above we can see that he’s been painted in bloody reds and metallics, in a pretty standard scheme (perhaps even the one featured on the former Specialist section of the GW webstore). The Middlings chaos alignment tends to first default to the Khorne persuasion, so brass and blood red were naturally appealing. Of course, those familiar with the Warhammer 40,000 universe will note that Khorne loathes and forsakes sorcery, so a Khorne sorcerer would be verboten – rather, this model is conceived as a khorne summoner – a fellow with chaos gifts and blessings who is all about getting Khornes demonic horde out from the immaterium and into real-space. (That, or he’s just a chaos sorcerer who likes red and gold a fair bit…)


Above we see a more straight on shot. No real conversion work–beyond gap filling and arm adjustment–was undertaken on this model. His weird skirt thing was left off the model as it looked odd. A new technique for bronze/gold metal was employed with this figure to, frankly, not the greatest effect. The model was painted while still living in a small, rural Midwestern town, so using available supplies created the occasional conundrum of this sort, working with what paints and hobby materials were on hand. His flesh was given an unhealthy, unnatural pallor, befitting a prospective vessel for a demon.

Hopefully this heretic will get to see some action coming up at an Inquisitor game sometime in the not-too-distant-future…


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