WIP!: Back from the Dead, with Zombie Friends (Who are only ready for priming, really)

Being embroiled in moves, homemaking, hobby-space-organizing, and general life shuffling has left the Middling to neglect this here blog a bit. However, like the revenant, he returns with some hobby progress of an undead nature.

With a longstanding goal to have a #$^&%! of zombies to add to the repertoire for the purposes of gaming in a variety of settings. The majority of zombies available on the market are modern, fantasy, or post-apocalyptic, but these are anacrhonistic with many of the epochs and cultures which the Middling’s conflicts would take place. More generic, timeless zombies would be required, ones that could be at home in settings as varied as: Victorian, Medieval Japanese, Weird West, Pulp, modern and traditional fantasy.

Several boxes each of Games Workshops’ zombies from their Warhammer Fantasy line and Mantic’s Zombies from their Kings of War line were procured, totally with extra bits well over 100 of the little undead buggers. The GW kit is clearly European high-fantasy, but contains enough variety to bolster a “timeless/cultureless” zombie horde (for at least pre-modern), and with some clever painting will hopefully give them a more timeless character. Above we see GW’s zombies, and below, Mantic’s:

For the last year the more than five score plastic multi-part models have been de-sprewed, assembled and glued, and then flashed. It took that long, because, it’s just a shitload of models – broken up into an ungodly number of smaller pieces. Flashing all the plastic GW zombies models alone took several weeks spread out over many months, because that company seems to try and figure out means to add additional, unnecessary, seemingly pointless moldlines to their kits. It’s enough to make one miss working with old GW metals — they had so much less flash. Below: we see the piles ‘o zombie awaiting the next step.


Wargames Factory zombies were much better with moldlines, but have the oft-mentioned strange “torso-joins,” where there is an odd gap between the loinclothes and the stomach. For the sake of speed, were ignored and not-greenstuffed. These models will be viewed as a mob, so individually imperfections are not vital to excise. After flashing, came dividing up the models into convenient piles for how they will be primed and airbrushed with a base color, to then be glued with like onto paint sticks.


The majority of the mostly naked zombies will be primed with the skin color and then details will be brushed on, but the other, more clothed zombies will be airbrushed in a lone drab base color (brown, grey, tan, green) that will provide a foundation for fabrics.


In all, there are 10-11 paint sticks worth of zombies each containing around 12-15 zombies, spaced out for each of airbrushing and brush painting. Below we can see the latest addition to the Middling’s queue.


Their neutral, graveyard earth bases will be painted separately and attached as the last step. Painting 100+ bases seperately without worrying about getting paint on the finished model will expedite the process immensely. But even still, so many bases is more than any sane person should ever endeavor to paint.

Now, we’ll just have to wait for the next few years until these models go through the painstaking process of being painted, a process which will undoubtedly turn the Middling into a zombie himself…


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