UPDATE: Was Dead Afterall. At least Middling-Dead.

…which is more like the purgatory of death and absence. As such, there is room to move on to another place. That new place is the hopeful eventual updating of this blog again. Professional writing projects overtook the Middling (and this blog hath suffered for it).

There, however, has been a very productive six month stretch whereby little blogging has been done but copious amounts of painting, playing, and hobby-ing have transpired, much of it –as expected–of a middling quality. Because the Middling communicates and posts and writes for a living (even if a meager, middling one), the difficulty of Hobby Blogging comes not in the painting or modeling, or even playing, as they don’t consume the same bandwidth as the writing needed for the blog. As such, for the conceivable future as book projects loom large, the content on this blog will focus more on images and less on words (ED: though the Middling rarely if is terse).

Unfortunately, the battle reports or game diaries are the most fun to put together, but they are also the most time-consuming, so they will not follow the depth of before, as of now, for a stretch moving forward. In other words, more pics and brief descriptions, less florid word-play.

Now let us see if a second post will appear anytime soon.

And finally, a picture (hard to distinguish, intentionally) as a teaser of the delving into Pulp Alley skirmish game that has transpired for the last sojourn away from blogging:




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