Finished! Early-Era Malifaux Neverborn, That Were NeverGonnaBeDone

Shortly after playing a round or two of Malifaux 2.0 at Kublacon, this past May,  the Middling was inspired to finally finish a set of models that have been in the repository since the earliest release of the game, years and years back. Yes, the Middling does take decades to finish warbands, and months (to half a year) to post about conflicts and play experiences. (This should also be evident based on the delay in posting to this blog)


The crew belongs to the Neverborn faction and is led by Lilith, with her blood-hungry Nephelim in support. The models are first edition metals with amusing character and an aesthetic that is less serious-minded than the current 2nd edition variety.

Apologies are in order, perennially, for the photo quality, but new content is better than no content, and finding a decent lighting arrangement in the current homestead remains elusive.. One can get the general idea of the Lilith crew above, though low light an iPhone’s camera do not make a recipe for clear images of the 32mm variety.

Pandora’s crew is in the latter stages of painting, and when done, hopefully more and better photos of the entire Neverborn faction will be completed and posted and expounded upon at over-length here.


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