Conflict! “Strange Aeons” at Kublacon 2015

The Middling hosted two events this past May at Kublacon in Burlingame, CA, the first of which was Strange Aeons (First Edition), titled “A Creeping Shadow Over Warlock, Mass.”

Version 2

Players were divided up into two factions, those that played Threshold Agents and controlled the occult investigators, and those that played Lurkers, Cthulhu Mythos denizens of the netherworlds set on causing mayhem in the real world.


There were four table-set-ups with a variety of agents and monsters. All terrain and Cthulhu models were supplied from the Middling’s collection, and the event played through 4 rounds of a linked mini-campaign, with force compositions changing in both disposition and size as the day progressed.


Round one, which functioned like a tutorial, introduced players to the game mechanics and  featured civilians set upon by the shambling horde of the undead–zombies–at a remote cabin, where the flesh-hungry undead murdered the horrified, unprepared mortals.


But reports of the attack reached Threshold headquarters and agents were dispatched to investigate. The second round saw the trail lead to a nearby farm compound where Agents met and confronted a nameless, faceless horror, a hellhound and a maniac.

The third round saw Threshold confronting a force of fishmen and cultists who brazenly attacked the quiet streets of downtown Warlock, Mass. The cultist leader escaped to remote locale to begin a dark ritual…


In the fourth round, Threshhold’s agents arrived at a site of arcane ruins just asa dark ritual was underway and violence erupted immediately to stop the bringing forth of whatever terrible, unnameable evil would arise from its deep slumber, and etc.

IMG_3619The campaign concluded with an epic confrontation between the winged horror and Sister Peter Marie to decide the fate of Warlock, Mass….

The Second Edition of Strange Aeons was just released this October, so there is a likelihood of further delving into this engrossing and fun game in the future…




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