WIP! Banal Progress on the Undead: So Very Many, Too Many Bases

Having already done modern zombies at 54mm scale, the Middling (foolishly) has continued his push forward with doing more “time-less” zombies at 28mm, to supplement the rebased and (somewhat) repainted collection of Horrorclix zombies already in the armory. In total there are some 130+ new plactics zombies from Mantic and Games Workshop and the progress over the last few months is documented to a middling degree of detail here.



Above we see the painstakingly hand-painted zombies on their paint sticks. The airbrush was out of order temporarily, so the brush was in order.  It seemed easier to paint the bases and models separately and then glue them together. They were then painted, as models are want to. be.


100+ beveled based edge sanded and ready to prime. Tedious! Note that there are some 40mm bases in there as well to make eventual “tank” zombies of monstrous proportion.


The many models removed from the paint sticks, a chore in itself, and the bases have been primed, wet brushed, dry-brushed, and then the base ring painted in black.


Above we get a closer shot of some of the zombies, to see how the flesh on the zombies looks. They were painted a Games Workshop light blue-gray coat (discontinued, the the new equivalent should work) and then washed with sepia, to give a nice, easy and sickly pallor to the models. The clothing was then tagged in various colors to add variety, with dark, dirty washes thrown over. No wet-blending or edge hi-lighting on 100 models for a middling hobbyist…


Progress has begun. It is slow work…


But then completed. Loc-tite super glue is highly recommended. Bonds fast and strong.


Because the Middling favors a modded version of Akula: Total Arse zombies ruleset,  which includes rules for zombie “hordes,” large bases of zombies that consume helpless survivors are required. The Terrain Specialities lads who introduced the game have several bases with 50 or more zombies on them – just crowded with undead. As the Middling’s collection is still in progress, in order for maximum flexibility, insert bases were opted for to represent hordes, with the expectation that as more zombies are painted they can be added to the fixed areas of the base to fill them out.


Two “timeless” rural or dirt horde bases, were completed for the Mantic and GW zombies, such that can work for medieval fantasy, victorian, roaring 20’s, or rural modern.


Sanded with various grades of sand and some rocks to break up the texture. Some trees will be added to the base, whenever they can be found… The horde bases are 120 mm Rackham Confrontation bases, a bit bigger and sturdier than CDs, and perfect for fitting dozens of zeds upon with room enough for insert bases.


Given that some 60+ Horrorclix zombies are modern, with concrete style bases (painted by airbrush), building a modern-era c horde base in a city theme was in order. Cork provides matching height to the other horde bases, but cut up “For Rent” signs will allow for smooth pavement.


A variant scenario that the Middling has run at 54mm involved a “survivor mob” which was a base of survivors that could act as a moving objective to get across the table to safety and a means to spawn new survivors that players can control if they get their models eaten too early in the game. It’s never fun to have to sit out of an apocalypse.


Survivor mobs are fun, as you can get creative in who might be making their best attempt to flee. The 54mm survivors were themed off a cos-play/game convention being overrun by zombies, so that mob has some goofy additions.  The survivor mob was created on a 60mm base. In the bottom right corner you can see the beginnings of a Victorian era “survivor mob” for an eventual project.


The survivor mob base was given a curb, some dirt and a fallen lamp to provide some texture and variety. Cracks and road dents will be scoured into the plastic. Eventually, some other bits, bullet shells or empty beer cans, newspapers, etc might be added, but those are best painted separate and added later.


Above we see detritus–broken glass (from cracked CD-roms) and some zombies clawing up from the earth. A plastic curb still needs to be added, and the card will need to be scored for asphalt effect, as with the survivor mob base.

These horde and survivor bases will be painted without models added. And then over time models will be painted and added to the base to slowly fill it up. As more horror clix zombies are procured and repainted, they will be easy enough to stick onto and add to the base to fill it. But as there is a scheduled game in the near future getting the model playable, if not populated is priority one.

More soon, and perhaps some close-ups of actual zombies, though speed-painted zombies are hardly made for close-ups.


3 responses to “WIP! Banal Progress on the Undead: So Very Many, Too Many Bases

  1. They look great. Can you post some more close up pic of the zombies please? I want to get a bit of a collection of Zombies going for two reasons. 1. I want to do a zombie diorama one day. 2. I wouldn’t mind a bunch of mindless undead warriors for my Traitor Guard army.

    • I’ll work on getting some zombie photos in the near future. Lighting always remains an issue,especially for close ups. But we’ll make it work. And zombies have so very many uses!

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