Conflict! Prohibition-Era Zombie Survival, OR, when One Could Buy Tommy Guns But Not Beer From the Corner Store

A while back, upon finally finishing the (Plasticville) Victorian-era terrain for Steampunk and later gaming, the Middling put it and the new 4’x4′ FAT-Mat to the test using AKULA’s Total:Arse ruleset to work, creating a zombie survival scenario in a prohibition-era zombie apocalypse.


Using models painted for the Cthulhu skirmish game Strange Aeons, both occult investigators and Reaper Bones monsters  in combination with some re-based Horrorclix models, the normally present-day rule-set allows for survival horror with a roaring 20’s flavor.



The game was played on a cobble-stone Fat-Mat from Frontline Gaming.  A great purchase, photo-realtistic, durable and affordable.



A night-guant’s-eye views of the setting. Die-cast 1:43-scale cars were used to add period flavor as well as to create obstacles and avenues for the heroes to escape.


Above, the intrepid investigators abandon their broken-down Model-T and prepare to make their way across the over-run city on foot.


AKULA’s rules use a novel card mechanic which allows for unpredictable activation by both monsters and survivors. Heroes activate on red cards, zombies and monsters on specific black cards. A red joker reshuffles the deck. It’s entirely possible that a round can go by without the heroes getting to activate, as the undead threat converges.


The large monsters (a formless thing, eldritch thing, etc) were multi-wound “tanks”…IMG_3491

…while zombies are removed with a single gunshot or melee hit.


The formless thing advances, above.


The “in-active” zombies will activate on particular black cards, to press in and create fewer avenues of escape for the survivors.


A few zombies ‘mill around’ a stash of illegal liquor


A shoggoth (in the bottom right) of the photo, slinks up a flank.


While the Elder Thing bounds fowrad on leathery wings.


The heroes choose to advance to the right, believing their to be fewer monsters present. IMG_3505

A private dick fires off his gun and leaves a noise marker (the bullet), which will activate and summon nearby zombies and monsters when a black card activates them.


A few draws of bad luck and the zombies activate 3-times back to back and the heroes are set-upon by the shambling dead…


…then the phone’s middling storage  ran out, for more photos… more zombie reports to come down the road… the fate of the heroes remains a mystery.


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