WIP! Squats! Progress on ‘Not-Squat’ Hearthguard Command in Exo-Armour

A few recent games of 40k-related miniatures gaming has rekindled the Middling’s perpetual affection for space dwarfs, and he’s finally gotten to assembling and minor conversion work on a set of excellent, characterful models were procured from <name redacted>, from SpaceDwarfsOnline and a few others to allow for the addition of some ‘not-squat’ models to his squat army.

Based on this nameless heroes design, and produced on his own chutzpah, the models are delightful — though only come in one pose, with some minor options for adding of breastplate, a removable helmet, and some various gubbins. Below is that basic pose.


Above is the basic pose, with one of two shields, no breastplate included. This model will represent a Squat Warlord in exo-armour or the squad’s sergeant, depending on the rule-set/codex employed.


The most basic conversion, swapped the direction of the thunder-hammer and added the breast-plate.


Another minor conversion above involved cutting off and reattaching the hand. The way the model is designed did not lend itself to making significant posing changes easy, and the material was prone to cracking, so minor conversions were favored.


The fourth not-squat involved more work, in slight reposing, the addition of a battle-standard (show here unfinished), the hammer chopped up and placed in the off-hand, and the shield mounted on the back. Only four of the models were procured, a fifth should have been ordered, to complete the unit, but some variety in a command unit is not the worst thing in game world.


For the fourth member of the command squad (not counting the warlord), Mantic’s Forgefather Dreadball MVP is being enlisted.


The fifth member of unit will be a classic, characterful OOP Ork Bionic boy from Rogue Trader-Era Citadel. Originally this model was conceived as an ork-imitating squat (an undercover agent, after a facc). For the Middling’s squat army, he will have earned a spot as a member of the Hearthguard. So while he is a GW model, he still qualifies as a “not-squat,” tehcnically-speaking.


A final not-squat model that will not strictly-speaking be part of the unit but will be a squat-guidl-engineer-type-tech-priest-servitor-type-mechanicus-type is the Ramshackle games model acquired in a kickstarter this past year.


Last, we have a group shot of the hearthguard and squat lord. A unit worthy of the Middling no doubt, and with a few extra spare bits and some Scibor models coming out of hobby storage, perhaps some more not-squats are one the way…

Priming next, as soon as the humidity and cold die-down, or the airbrush is unclogged.


3 responses to “WIP! Squats! Progress on ‘Not-Squat’ Hearthguard Command in Exo-Armour

    • I found the models from a user from https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/spacedwarfsonline/

      I imagine if you posted that you were looking for them on there, and he is still active and has any further to part with, he’d probably be able to send some your way.

      The other two models are from Mantic’s Dreadball line and a vintage rogue trader era model you might be able to snag on ebay.

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