Still around, Still Painting, Still Playing, Not Posting, BUT VSF models, Excelsior!

It’s been too long for an update, so here is a brief, short, and not even middling post, but one with fair pics of the Middling’s Victorian Sci-Fi forces for a 3-way game of Pulp Alley game this past weekend or so at Endgame in Oakland, CA.

Here is the Middling’s league (force) led by a victorian mad scientist, Professor H. Heronimous Brown, his trusty steambot sidekicks, Goldbot and Silverbot, his still trustier bulldog companion “Chops,” and his all-togethering untrustworthy Tong gang support.


And below we see some of the “plot points” (objectives) featured in the game and painted by the Middling: a hobo, a street grinder with money, a banker, a night watchmen/copper, and a chunk of green!


Over the nine months the Middling has been up to much more painting and playing than posting, so we’ll see if this can be remedied going forward. There are many photos to take and post.


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