Conflict! First Games of Dust 1947 on New Jungle Terrain Set-Up

With the recent release of Paolo Parente’s Dust 1947, some recent enthusiasm from the Middling’s gaming colleagues in the setting, and the acquisition of a Desert Wasteland Fat-Mat, it was time to break out the Blutkruz zombies and gorillas and tear up some walker…

These were mostly learning games played over a few days on the same set-up to familiarize us with the new ruleset and give the terrain set-up a try out.


The first day of Dust conflict consisted of 30 pts of Allies and Axis vs 60 points of SSU…played over two games… img_4800

The Middling’s Blutkruz zombies and apes work their way up the middle, clinging to quonset huts for cover…


The Second Day of Dust featured a 50 pt and then an 80 pt Axis vs Allied battle, the Middling’s blutkruz vs Tom’s Allied.


The allies line up across the battlefield from the Axis forces…

img_4826Unfortunately, things didn’t go well for the Allies, as American hero, Rhino, makes a last ditch run into the Middling’s force of Walkers, only to be destroyed in an hail of flak-gun fire from a nearby Heinrich-class walker, when the Middling rolled his first ever successful reactive attack!

Dust 1947 is fast and deadly, with a reaction mechanic that breaks up the tedium of you-go-MIddling-goes, a pretty great aesthetic and inexpensive buy-in. Expect it to be played more in the future.



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