WIP! 54mm Chaos for Inquisitor, Because OOP Games Need A Little Hate Too!

There has never been quite sufficient quantity models for the Inquisitor line, and no more so when it comes to the “bad guys.” There are a few official options like the Chaos Sorcerer and some conversion kits produced by GW prime, but to even have a middling quantity in your collection a 54mm wargamer must find alternatives and get creative.

Fortuitously, the aftermarket for Warhammer 40,000 has only grown in the last few years with many offerings of ‘demon prince’ scale models that work perfectly in the Inquisitor 54mm world, to add some variety to the forces of hate that any given inquisitor will needs battle against…

Below are some work-in-progress from the Middling of various chaos antagonists in the 54mm queue…img_4751

Above we have a Wargame Exclusives “CHAOS DEVIANT PRINCE OF DAEMONS.” Yes, they use ALL-CAPS, so the Middling uses all-caps.


And above here we have a few models from various ebay sellers, lost to history…


The classic GW Warhammer 40,000 Nurgle Demon Prince, above scales pretty perfectly to make Nurgle Plague Marine in 54mm, complete with nasty plague sword…img_4748

And finally another Wargame Exclusive’s “CHAOS ROTTEN PRINCE OF DAEMONS WITH WINGS” that will make for a second, different and winged Nurgle Plague Marine.img_4779

Above we see a group shot which gives some idea of scale.img_4783

The Slaanesh Marine next to an official GW Kroot 54mm. Canonically, both should be about 7′-8′ feet tall, so they are both in scale for that, when discounting the oversized based of the marine.img_4782

The plague marine, hunched and rotten stands a good foot or two taller than the ubiquitous Slick Devlan 54mm model, so is suitably imposing as well.


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