Squats! Iron Eagle Gyrocopter, Scratch Built in 28mm and Rather Sloppily It Can Be Said

As part of my more than Middling obsession with the old Squat line for Warhammer 40,000, back in 2011, I ventured on a task to realize some of the Epic scale (6mm) squats in standard 40k scale (28mm). As this project was started in the days just prior to 3-D printing becoming more available and affordable to the middling hobbyist, it was undertaken using plasticard, cut-up for rent signs and bits and bobs. As it was created to be featured in an Adepticon army, the painting and later stage progress was a bit rushed and not quite to ideal standards, but you do what you can while earning your PhD and hobbying…

Below we see the finished product on a table, in action. Some work in progress shots, of the latter stages have been included in this post to see some of the latter stages. Earlier progress shots have been lost to the ether…


The 40k scale model is based on the 6mm Epic Iron Eagle Gyrocopter, seen below, in all of its metal glory, lacking much in the way of detail or form. As such, to scale it up, more detail was desired and added, to mixed effect.


Below we see the superstructure built up across three photos, before details are added.


Another angle (with risque leg!).


An (iron)Eagle’s-eye view of the structure. Those with OCD among us will note small deviations from true 90 degree angles, but it’s close enough. The nature of the building materials, the cut-up “For Rent” sign particularly was difficult to keep shape and hold angles after glue dried. Also, it was a Middling effort!


Below, we see more details added to the model, a cockpit slot cut out of the hull.


A close-up view of some of the detailing, rivets added, a plastic barrel and some random GW plastic bits. On the left side of the cockpit, an entrance hatch was added.



A close detail shot of the engines and tail guns. On the epic scale model the tail guns were simplistic and as such, I tried to stay true to this design, while also making them more weapon like.


The same ethos informed the top turret, trying to stay true to the Epic model, while adding little details to keep the 28mm scale model from being too flat and featureless.


As the model was assembled in the deep winter, it had to be primed by indoor airbrush, with Vallejo grey primer. Unfortunately, not the ideal primer for a vehicle of this scale or material, and it affected the painting process, but lesson’s learned…


And here we see the painted completed Iron Eagle Gyrocopter on display at the Adepticon 40k Friendly event, where my squat force won a best appearance award of some sort.


Here we see the gyrocopter’s scale next to Imperial chimeras and another middling scratch-build (that will/may someday grace this blog.)


The color scheme used on the Iron Eagle gyrocopter has featured across various elements of my 28mm squat army, and was featured as one of the official squat color schemes from Epic Space Marine and 2nd Edition Warhammer 40,000 squat product lines.

Below we see the same scheme used on a “counts-as” storm talon copter and Termite, from an event where the squats made an appearance at the 2014 Celesticon.



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