WIP: Some Paint On (54mm) Squats for Inquisitor, Painted-On Some Time Back, Painted-ly

A small few of the various 54mm squat models shown before on Middling Wars have undergone some (very) modest progress over the last weeks, months, and years. We can see some of the somewhat current states of several models below, though not all of the photos represent the most current or up-to-date photos.

Here is a lightly modified “70mm” dwarf cum-hearthguard, who is smaller than the 54mm Scibor dwarfs in scale. Eventually I will feature a group show of all the squats to see how they scale to more standard inquisitor models. But today is not that day.


First layers of paint with airbrushed metals and then early stages of color work.


A Scibor Space Ogre pretty heavily modified in the beard-al and gun-al region.


Base colors and the first few stages of skin painted on here. Using Reaper colors for this guys skin tone, which provide a much more matt finish, in contrast to the Citadel flesh tones used elsewhere.


Another 70mm dwarf converted somewhat to be another Squat hearthguard. Below you can see the initial colors done with airbrush, 3-shades from dark brown to light red.


Further progress on this fellow. He is being done in the classic “Rogue Trader Era” red and green coloration.


One of three Scibor “not ogryns” converted very modestly to squats, its legs shaved down. It’s excellent chin beard defied all attempts to green-stuff a better beard, so it was left as is.



Above we see an early attempt at a blue cloak that left much to be designed. After repainting of the cloak to a dark brown, below we can see some stages of highlighting on the armor, cloak and skin. Final highlights and metal work remain.

img_1197Since this photo was taken, his pistol has been removed and a 40k era hand weapon has been added.

As mentioned in previous posts, its legs were sawed down to decrease its height. A very modest beard was added to the model.


Below we see first stages of painting completed and the model beginning to take shape. As well, we can see the sword has been replaced by a chainsword, to bring the model more fully into the 41st millennium.



Like the other squats above, the blue coat was originally tried, but didn’t work. For eventual unit cohesiveness, all of the 54mm squat guardsman will don brown leather jackets, along with green armor and bionics, to accompany their Kaiser-era-esque armor and regalia.


The third Scibor “not ogryn required only minimal beard work and leg-shaving to reduce the height.


The initial coat of dark brown is airbrushed on after the skin and beard are painted on.


Detail work has begun on the coat here, with other colors being blocked in and built up somewhat.


Eventually the models aim to match the aesthetic of the (pathetically) lone completed squat, who has been featured here an embarrassingly long time before now.



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