WIP!: Apes in Rebellion for Dust 1947, Early Walker Builds

In the lore of Paolo Parente’s weird world war 2 sci-fi wargame, Dust 1947, the Axis Bloc’s Blutkreuz Korps has experimented in all manner of questionable ways with arcane technologies — lazer weaponry, super-soldier serums, the walking dead — but in no way more diabolical (or characterful) than with their kampfaffen: their battle apes. By grafting portions of  revivified human brains into the skulls into the skulls of apes, they have created a rare of hyper-intelligent war apes. We’ve seen the Middling’s apes here previously:

Throughout Dust’s existence there has been hint of these intelligent apes growing restless with the callous approach and an inevitable rebellion by the big furry ones seems inevitable.

Led by the smartest of their kind and creed, Marcus, Blutkreuz Korps Experiment #3, I’ve gone and accelerated the Dust timeline in creating my “Marcus’ Rebellion” splinter faction/bloc for my smoldering Dust 1947 passion. Above we see Marcus at the front of his angry ape horde.

Because no rules within the Dust 1947 ruleset account for an entirely Ape force beyond four character options, and only two unit choices–but no panzer walkers! (the primary appeal of Dust!). However, with a middling amount of ingenuity and “counts-as,” I’ve been able to throw together a legal force of “captured” walkers, Mercenary units, and Blutkruz faction cast-offs to create a whole force for 100+ AP games. Beyond the apes and heroes already painted, Marcus’ Rebellion will include several walkers. Below is the beginning stages of this conversion effort.


Above we see three SSU KV-47 (Tsh) tropical Walkers converted with apes and anti-aircraft guns, to create counts-as mercenary “Wrecker” walkers. The bodies used were from the Gorilla Pioneer Squad, as their availability and inexpensiveness made them more plentiful for conversion options, as well as there arm positions better suited the role of walker pilots.

In order to properly “ape-ify” the various walkers, pilots would be needed. Greenstuff neck fur has been added to an extra ape head, and a more pronounced scar has been cut into its face.

Above the ape’s head is situated inside a “captured” KV-47 walker body, after having the top hatch popped off. The walker’s legs are also going to be re-positioned, as the pauldrons already have. It will feature two different load-out options, Tsh. flamer arms and howitzer arms, to allow the model to be used as a captured SSU Nadya or Natasha.

The most recent conversion, just undertaken yesterday was to mount a pilot inside and rider atop an Axis Jagdluther, Tank Hunter.  In the army this will be a counts-as “Snow Leapord” stolen from Marcus’ former compatriot Sigrid, when his rebellion began. And because every army needs symbols, icons, and such, with a middling effort, Marcus’ rebellion’s decal was created. Those versed in the German dialect will note that the rebel is spelled with a second L. Being super-apes of German lineage, it made sense that they’d speak and write in their native tongue.


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