Middling Wars is a virtual island in the spectacle where can be found the particular images and brief recounting-s of the hobby life of a particular general (and hobbyist) who, at best, achieves middling results in many of the areas that comprise our beloved past-time: playing, painting, competing, reporting, evangelizing, commentating.

Many wars, of the middling variety (the exploits and execution of miniature wargames and skirmish wargames of 6mm, 15mm, 28+mm, and 54mm), and the hobby efforts (painting, converting, smashing with hammers) needed to wage them are featured on this blog.

The variety of games that simulate so very many catastrophes can be assayed here.

If you are curious about the name, you might wish to seek illumination here. 

For issues with illumination (of the images) on this blog, find your excuses here.


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