Middling Photo F.A.Q.

Middling Photography, an excuse primer:

So, if you’ve spent any time on this hobby blog you are probably already quite familiar with the at-times poor quality of the many photographs — especially those of the work-in-progress variety.

While apologies are in order for the sorry state of many of the images (for they are not even of a middling quality), it is not for a lack of knowledge. Here at Middling Wars, we have had, and  continue to have, access to very poor equipment, some acute laziness, and absence of working lightbulbs. What we are not lacking for is knowledge, with degrees in Film Production and background in art direction. However, all of the education in the world cannot help you take a photo in what, basically, qualifies as romantic twilight.

At present, middling initiatives are underway to improve the quality of future photography – with the aim of re-documting many hobby projects in superior light and focus, as well, document the previously unseen and unheralded projects that have yet to become part of that greater spectacle, the world-wide-web.


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