What’s in a (middling) name…

For those casually familiar with the history of our fine hobby, the name of this website should not be all that difficult to surmise, as to its allusion. Since you asked, a hint: wars of the not-so-outsized variety.

In the more than century since H.G. Wells published his treatise on getting the most out of living room floors, these little conflicts of lead, pewter, and plastic have taken on a much more sizable character in a variety of venues. It would be overenthusiastic to suppose that they have taken on a large character, but they are no longer little, for sure, and have become a middling affair of both economics of scale, production, and presence in individual wargamer’s lives. For example, there are very few ancient inscriptions detailing any cro-magnon’s failing to meet their hobby progress challenge’s weekly painting goals.

You will also note, many of the paint jobs and conversions featured on this blog are of not the worst quality, but neither the most superior; they are, appropriately qualified as middling!


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