Where the Middling Play…

If you are curious where the Middling play out these middling wars, peruse the present and past conflicts that have made (at times more than a) middling impact on many a gamer’s free-time:

Present Sites of Conflicts: 

As of spring 2018, Middling Wars now take place at home, in the hills of Oakland, CA and many conflicts transpire nearby at Endgame in Oakland, Ca, as well as Black Diamond Games in Concord, CA, and various private locations around the East Bay.

Through the beginning of 2015, conflicts took place at houses around Santa Rosa, Ca, as well as OuterPlanes, in downtown Santa Rosa, Fundemonium in Rohnert Park, and GameScape in San Rafael.

Formal, organized middling wars now take place at Kublacon, Dundracon, and Celesticon, Bay Area gaming conventions.

If you happen to live near one of these locations, and you are looking for a conflict of a middling variety, send a(n) (electronic) diplomatic envoy and we can start a new war!

In the Annals of History: 

Between 2012-14, except when on holiday back to the western coast of the New World, most of the battles occurred in the states of South Dakota, and Iowa. Many wars, of middling–even great—scale and variety were played with the Terrain Specialties crew in Minneapolis, Minn. and at the yearly Con of the North, a wonderful hobbyists game convention. Foreign middling wars also took place at the Bay Area Open, Adepticon in Chicago, and the Bugeater in Omaha, NE.

Before, 2012, you might have seen (or even participated) in a very middling war at Endgame’s old (and new) location near Lake Merritt, Oakland, downtown at Games of Berkeley, or at the local conventions: Pacificon, Kublacon, and Dundracon. Mostly, wars were fought at private residences, as like old H.G., living rooms have traditionally been more available than public spaces to see through our conflicts!



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