The documentarians have cataloged that the middling wars of the following varieties have been waged (or continue to wage): 

(in no particular order, and likely non-comprehesive; bolds are favorites)

Warhammer 40,000 (Rogue Trader through the present 7th Edition) (GW)
A Fistful of Kung Fu (Osprey)
Robotech RPG Tactics (Palladium)
Battlefleet Gothic (GW)
Legends of the Old West (GW Historical)
Warhammer Fantasy Battle (1st through present edition, what is it on, XXMC edition?)
Akula’s Rules Skirmish Zombies (Akula)
Ronin (Osprey)
Inquisitor (54mm) (GW)
Strange Aeons (Uncle Mikes)
Epic Space Marine / Adeptus Titanicus / Titan Legion/Epic 40,000 (GW)
Quar (Zombiesmith)
In Her Majesty’s Name (Osprey)
BattleTech (FASA)
Mordheim (GW)
Dust Warfare (FFG/Battlefront0
Man O’ War (GW)
ShieldBash (Zombiesmith)
Necromunda (GW)
Car Wars (Steve Jackson)
Space Hulk (GW)
Deadlands (?)
Shadowrun: DMZ (FASA)
Clan War (AEG)
Confrontation (Rackham)
Aeronuatica Imperialis (GW/Forgeworld)
Warmachine & Hordes (Privateer Press)






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